The Psychology of Sigmund Freud

I will be writing from week to week about the topics of my adult education course Introduction to Psychology  run by the Adult Education Centre in University College Dublin, Ireland.

The first topic is the Psychology of Sigmund Freud. Freud used to be a household name until quite recently. His ideas about the human mind dominated Psychology for the first half of the twentieth century. By the 1960s there were many who questioned whether he was right. It was argued that his theories were not scientific. As the science of the mind and behaviour developed, Freudian Psychology went into decline.

Although generally rejected nowadays by most psychologists, Freud’s ideas continue to have influence  in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling. To understand this criticism I would suggest watching the following video. To read course notes click on the following link

Psychology Courses UCD 2016 /2017

University College Dublin has scheduled two of my Psychology evening courses in their new brochure for the coming season. Check out these evening courses on the UCD Adult Education website:

or phone the Adult Education Centre 017167581

Introduction to Psychology
Belfield Campus Tuesday 7-9pm and
Rathmines College Monday 7-9pm

Over the next few weeks I’ll write about the topics below to give you an insight into what we’ll be covering during the Autumn semester. Later I’ll write about the Spring course Positive Psychology.

List of Topics
1) Sigmund Freud’s psychology, i.e. Psychoanalysis
2) Behaviourism and the beginnings of the behavioural sciences
3) Gestalt psychology and the science of the mind
4) The Social psychology of groups
5) Cognitive Psychology which is the study of how the mind works
6) Counselling and Psychotherapy
7) The Clinical model of mental health
8) Introduction to Neuroscience, (including a focus on sleep and dreams)
9) Ecological psychology, (with a focus on human development and the person in context)
10) Forensic Psychology



Psychology Spring courses

UCD AE UCD pic_edited

My psychology courses are starting up on the 26th January in UCD and 1st February in Rathmines College. The course in UCD is 8 weeks and Rathmines 6 weeks. It focuses on everyday life, and covers topics like emotions and emotional intelligence, IQ and personal development. Positive psychology and mindfulness are other relevant issues. These will be good fun courses so phone UCD 01 7167123, or go online to book. Rathmines college has special enrolment nights but you can phone  01 4065864 any time for information or just drop in to the college during the day.

Psychology and Religion

Increasingly clients are asking for evidence based, religion free psychotherapies and counselling. Now, post the marriage referendum in Ireland, this is quickly becoming a hot topic in terms of rights, that therapies should be clearly labelled. Psychologists who are members of the Psychological Society of Ireland are supposed to heed the scientific research in the same way as GPs and doctors/ medical practitioners in the HSE. GPs do not knowingly recommend treatments that have been shown to be ineffective or harmful. Their professional association informs them when changes in practice are necessary.

I’ve become interested in this issue because of my own experience where I’ve disagreed with counsellors or psychotherapists who use practices that are based on pseudo-science beliefs or religious assumptions. Recently I’ve had an opportunity to get involved in research into this issue so I’ve started reading and browsing the web to find out what the views are internationally. I plan to meet and talk to Irish people to get a sense of what the story is on the ground. In the meantime I found this interesting video: