Finding creative solutions to Everyday Challenges

Here is a PDF of the slides. Note that the focus of the solution-focused problem-solving exercise is a working forward model of problem-solving that is solution focused and adaptable to personal preference. It’s a good approach in order to creatively enhance our everyday lives and solve everyday people problems.

In business, a more goal-oriented approach to problem-solving is often preferred. This is often seen as the gold-standard but it’s not always the best approach in personalising and choosing solutions that move us closer to our dreams.

Note that according to the findings of Cognitive Psychology research, experts are more likely to adopt a working-forward approach to problem-solving than novices who find a goal-oriented model more reliable when problems are clearly defined. In everyday life, we often need more creative solutions to enhance our lives.

Here are the  slides 

Here is the link to the goal-oriented model.


Introduction to Carl Jung

Here are the slides for the Carl Jung Lecture.

Week 2. Jung

Suggested Reading: Modern Man in Search of a Soul by Carl Jung.

There are some very good videos on YouTube for those who would like some more insights into Jung’s ideas. Here is one to get you started. They’re on the Academy of Ideas channel.


Here is an interesting video about the Shadow. I haven’t watched it all but it starts off very well. Shadow work is typical of Jungian analysis.


Introduction to Psychology 2017

Here is the PowerPoint from the Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Positive Psychology

Introduction to Psychology.

Here is the TED Talk by Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology. You might like to watch this as an introduction to the positive approach to psychology applied in this course which foregrounds positive developments that contribute to the psychological professions today. The full course in Positive Psychology begins in 2018.