‘Taster’ Psychology Lecture UCD

Tomorrow you will have an opportunity to hear me speak about Psychology and about my courses on campus at University College Dublin (UCD), Belfield, Dublin.

UCD is offering a series of ‘taster’ lectures so if you are interested, my psychology taster is at 12 – 01 pm. Location is the Access and Lifelong Learning Centre in the Library Building, entrance to the right of the entrance to the library and the stairs.

Contact details for the Centre: http://www.ucd.ie/all/contact/




Your Younger Self

This week’s exercise in my writing class is to write a letter to your younger self. Someone mentioned that I said very little about music when talking about creativity. Serious omission! I come from a very creative family with plenty of musicians. My father played the violin both classical and trad (fiddle) my mother played piano and always sang in a choir. Two of my three children all adults now are also into music performance. Here’s a song, written and performed by my son Al Doyle that’s relevant to this week’s exercise. It’s called Brother and is written as a mature man to his younger self. The lyrics are both dramatic and metaphorical. Here’s a link: