Revised List of Topics for Positive Psychology

I’ve decided to keep the focus on Positive Psychology from week to week by organising the course around the five elements of well-being. I will, of course, include the four core topics: emotions, thinking, intelligence and personality. As this is a new course I will carefully monitor and evaluate how it goes from week to week and make adjustments where necessary. The first night in Rathmines went well with a focus on PERMA theory. However, it was just enough to become familiar with the core elements of PERMA theory, therefore I’ve decided to focus on each element in weeks 2, 4, and 6-8. Each element will be discussed in relation to one of the four topic areas of the course, for example, Positive Psychology will be explained in more detail in relation to the topics of ‘Emotions’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

  1. Positive Psychology and Seligman’s Theory of Well-being – PERMA Theory
  2. Positive Emotions – emotions, emotional intelligence, well-being and flourishing
  3. Problem Solving – focus on solutions, make better choices – positive thinking
  4. Engagement – becoming immersed in activities; meditation and mindfulness
  5. Two theories of self – a) Carl Jung and the self and Ego; b) Cultural Psychology of Self
  6. Positive relationships – the relational self, character, love and belonging
  7. Meaning – being in the world, the rational mind, measured IQ, creativity
  8. Accomplishment – having a sense of achievement, having goals, achievable targets,

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