The Piece Lives

I have no story to tell
About icons of good taste
Sculptures in the garden
Art in the museum
Slowed down body movements.

A generation can fail,
A mainstream discourse can fail.
Joyce close your eyes and see.
Economies can grow
because the imagination is endless.

Jarring a pedantic moment,
European dialectic Marxist,
Your habitus, your mother…
More in the nature of society is
Theatre, dance, movement, conversation.

Not leaning too far out the window
Is the notion of immateriality.
You are powerful
Everything stops Sehgal
Like a king or a queen, everything stops.

Don’t use artificiality to be ironic
A sign of hiding intimate openness.
Tune your attitude
You are a visitor
More time oriented than space.

You come at the right moment
The situation begins.
The amateriality of experience
Is a political problem
Class is irrelevant.

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